Portland cement with high Blaine and the low-alkali

Portland cement with high Blaine is being produced and distributed, based on the customer's demand, with a high finesse up to Blaine 3800 cm2/g; the low-alkali cement has a low alkali percentage of less than %0.6; the primary strength in high-Blaine type is considerably higher than other types of cement. In other words, the smaller the granulated cement, the faster the hardening process. The low-alkali cement is being used in special and distinguished projects in which there is a probability of damaging reaction between the alkali of the cement and the silica of the aggregate. This type of cement is produced based on the customer's demand. The percentage of alkali in this cement is less than %0.6 with the aim to prevent the damaging reaction between the silica available in the aggregate and the alkali available in the cement.